New 2016 NFHS & Youth Rules Video and Notes

Here is the NFHS rules video for the 2016 spring season.

Here are some notes from the rules meeting at the US Lacrosse Convention.

  • Goalie stick is exempt from 4″ shooting string prohibition.
  • Contrasting paint is not legal for faceoff men; it must be tape.
  • Over and back: play on, ends when it’s clear B is not getting possession, kill it when it breaks plane of midline. Restart is where ball is; don’t bring back to midfield.
  • Mistakes by officials: once you become aware of it, fix it before second whistle. Can’t be fixed after a faceoff.

As always if you have qquestions, email GLOA rules interpreter Jeremy Redmon at [email protected]

Youth POE are in addition to NFHS

  • Violent Collisions
  • Slashing
  • Sportsmanship

Notes on youth rules:

  • Over and back rule is in effect even in games without counts and is in effect once a team has gained the attack box.
  • Shooting string prohibition applies (not goalie).
  • No contrasting tape required on faceoff.
  • Dual boys and girls youth field is optional.