Regional Meeting Roundup

regional groups mapOn March 8th and 9th GLOA had the first of two regional meetings. The GLOA Board would like to extend thanks to the Regional leaders that organized and executed this first meeting. The meetings were held in the following areas:

  • Northeast/85 Corridor – Regional Leaders: Jeff Gary & Brian Higgins
  • North/400 Corridor – Regional Leaders: Jeff St. Armand & Michael Montgomery
  • Northwest/75 Corridor – Regional Leader: Jeff Greene & Bill Peters
  • Southside – Regional Leaders: J.R. Pigg & Chris Klinker

Each group has a good showing of individual in attendance. The leaders passed along lists of attendees and we certainly appreciate the efforts of all those that took time to support the regional meetings. We feel that these meetings help provide an opportunity for the members to network, exchange ideas and gain tips from local experienced officials.

Here are a few of the points of feedback that we received from a couple of the groups:

  • Revisit the policy prohibiting the ability of the members of GLOA to view the officials assigned to
  • officiate games in Arbiter. – North
  • Recruitment – Recruit Adult officials and the timetable to train new recruits in the summer so they can officiate fall ball and be better prepared when the spring season is upon us. – North
  • Need more defined rules for each youth league. – Northeast
  • Pre-game is very important; make sure we are all on the same page. – Northeast


The Recruitment point is a critical need for GLOA. We need to pull in a significant number of new officials prior to the 2016 season. We will be working to provide training classes in the summer and fall.

Please get the word out and pass along contacts and info for those that are interested.

Next Meeting: Monday April 13, 2015

The next regional meeting is scheduled for Monday April 13, 2015. Please be on the lookout for a

message from your Regional Leaders. If you have suggested on alternate days, times or locations that would improve participation, please reach out to the designated regional contacts.

I did receive a message requesting a meeting spot for those in the ITP region of Atlanta. Please send a message to [email protected] if you feel an additional region needs to be added to the mix.

Thanks to all for your support of GLOA.

Landon Hunsucker
[email protected]