Rules Clarification: GIKI

A number of questions have arisen regarding the “Get it in, Keep it” in call when the ball crosses back over the mid line.
Here is the specific rules reference:

Rule 4; Section 31.c.3, pg. 51

3. Once the ball has been successfully advanced into the goal area, a team is provided the opportunity to run its offense in the offensive half of the field. If the offensive team carries, intentionally passes or intentionally propels the ball to its defensive half of the field and the offensive team was last in possession.

First, the initial ten-count has to have ended.

Second, the offensive team must intentionally cause the ball to cross the mid line.  If the ball ends up across the mid line as a result of the defense there is no GIKI.

The key thing to remember in these situation is the term intentionally. A bad pass is not intentional.

If a team purposefully passes or carries the ball across the mid line after they have satisfied the initial ten count, a GIKI call is appropriate.

If in your judgement, the team has unintentionally caused the ball to cross the mid line, a new 20-second clearing count begins once the offense gains possession in the defensive half.

For any rules question, please contact the GLOA Rules Interpreter Ryan Rowe at [email protected]