Top 6 Reasons You Can’t Officiate Lacrosse Debunked

Lacrosse continues to be the fastest-growing sport at the high school level in the United States. In Georgia, boys lacrosse has grown dramatically since the 1990s when only a few teams played in the Atlanta area.  For the 2020 spring season; there are 123 varsity programs in the state.  At the youth level, the growth has been just as astounding. 

The Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association (GLOA) assigns the vast majority of GHSA officials in Georgia, as well as most of adult, high school and youth games and tournaments throughout the year. We are committed to meeting the demand for professional well-trained officials, but in order to keep pace with the growth of the sport, we need to recruit over 50 new officials.

Don’t think you can do it?  Not sure its a good fit?  Well let’s debunk some of your concerns!

I Don’t Know Enough About Lacrosse
Most of our officials were new to the game when they started and some of them now are NCAA officials. GLOA has worked hard to develop a nationally recognized training program to get you up to speed and confidant in your rules and mechanics knowledge quickly! We offer a two-day training January 4 and 18 that lays it all out in manageable and meaningful ways and we hold a field training just for rookies.  If you officiate another sport, much of those lessons are transferable.  We also work with you in-season to sharpen your skills and hone your understanding of the game.

I am Very Busy
Becoming a referee is the perfect  opportunity for you.  You set your availability, how far you are willing to drive and the dates and times you can work. You may do as many or as few games as you choose.

I’ll Look Ridiculous in the Uniform 
Yes, yes you will. We all do. We look like we work at Foot Locker.  But it’s a heck of a lot better than when we wore the knee-socks and white shorts! That being said, officials who have done this for a while understand that we play an invaluable role in growing the game and take pride when they don the stripes to work a contest.

I’m a Woman – Thats Boys Lacrosse
Can you blow the whistle and throw a flag? Can you run?  Are you willing to read the book and take the class?  Your hired.  There are many qualified women referees who officiate the boys game, we could use a few more.

I Can’t Afford the Equipment 
To start officiating you need a long sleeve and short sleeve referee shirt (if you work football we use the same GHSA shirt), black shorts and long pants, all black shoes, black belt, hat, flag and a whistle.  The largest expense is the 20-second timer which costs between $45-$60 bucks (if you have a Ready Ref that will work). That being said, you can make $120 working three youth lacrosse game, so there is a nice return on investment.  Many of our older officials donate equipment to help rookies who are starting out.

I’m not in Shape
Don’t worry, most of us can’t keep up with them either.  Officiating boys lacrosse in Georgia will most definitely provide motivation for you to lose some weight, but you don’t need to be an olympic athlete to work these games.  In our training we stress the importance of anticipating play and getting to your spot.

Officiating is a perfect way to stay actively involved in the game and enjoy great camaraderie. The officiating community is the “third team” on the field and through officiating you can develop friendships and connections with others committed to the game. Now that we’ve debunked your concerns we can’t wait to see you in January at Pope High School on January  (See Training Dates). We need you badly. And in return, we promise you:

  • The best seat in the house
  • The challenge of learning how to keep a game safe, fair and fun
  • The opportunity to exercise and get paid for it
  • A community of really good folks all working to grow the game of lacrosse in Georgia
  • A great time –  it may turn out to be the most fun you have had in a long time

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.