Six Keys to Success

A well-officiated lacrosse game is managed by a team of officials, not two or three individuals doing their own thing.  The two things that hold a crew together are solid mechanics and communication.  Whenever possible I try to go over at least the basics.  I am a sheet guy.  I hand out a printed pre-game more »

Family of Fouls: Using Scaffolding to Teach Penalties to New Officials

There is an old joke among refs about the three stages a young official goes through during the course of his career.   In the first stage, the rookie is nervous, not sure of where they are supposed to be on the field, unaccustomed to the speed of the game and terrified of making a mistake.  So, more »

Withholding: If it’s stuck, it’s stuck.

Withholding is a misunderstood concept in lacrosse.  It usually occurs when the ball stuck in either the stick or equipment or when a player, intentionally or unintentionally, withholds e.g, lays flat on the ball, thumbs the ball, etc..  Note that withholding can occur when the ball is loose or in possession. The major issue is that a player more »