2021 Awards and Championship Crews

Thanks to everyone who joined us Friday night at From the Earth Brewing to celebrate the 2021 boys lacrosse season. Despite all that Covid-19 had to throw at us, the GLOA officiated 2,500 lacrosse games including 1,313 high school contests since January 1, 2021.  Thank you all for your willingness to adapt, improvise and overcome any and all obstacles placed in front of you, and most of all for your the professionalism that you consistently displayed.  We appreciate all that you do for the game of lacrosse in Georgia!

Congratulations to all of the GLOA award winners for the 2021 Season which were presented this year’s banquet. Please note we will be distributing coins and award plaques as soon as they are available.

2021 Awards Presentation

  • Iron Man: Brian Couture, Brian officiated 48 games this season!
  • Luis Diaz Road Warrior: Bobby Walker, Bobby drove 1,829 miles one way for 27 games!
  • Kevin Moore Rookie of the Year: Raymond Stubblefield
  • Eric Rudolph Golden Whistle: Taylor Robbins
  • President’s Award: Greg Hite
  • Ron D. Mallonee Award: Stuart Smith

Three Awards Renamed in honor of GLOA members

The Road Warrior Award was renamed in honor of Luis Diaz, a founding member of the association and an individual who has driven more miles to work games over the past 40 years that anyone we could think of. Thank you for all you have done to grow the game here in Georgia!

The Golden Whistle Award was established in 2014 and is presented in recognition of an umpire who has excelled during the season. This year the award was renamed in honor of Eric Rudolph. Rudolph helped to establish lacrosse in Georgia in the early 90’s and was a founding member of the GLOA.  He is a board member emeritus and continues to provide legal and rules advice to the association.  He remains the collegiate assignor or District 5 and chair of the US Lacrosse Rules Sub-Committee.

The Rookie of the Year award winner has exemplified strong knowledge of the rules and mechanics, displayed superior field presence, demonstrated openness and diligence to learning, or any other behaviors that bring honor to the game and to officiating. In 2021, the board decided to rename the award in honor of charter member Kevin Moore, a founding member of the GLOA who was a tireless advocate for new officials.

Second Year Officials

At the end of a member’s second spring season, they are presented with a coin that has the image of foudning member ron mallonee on it.  Congratulations to all of the members who were able to achieve this milestone.

1.     Noah Boynton

2.     Pierce Brody

3.     Robert Childers

4.     Bill Connolly

5.     Matthew Costello

6.     Marc D’Angelo

7.     Brian Ego

8.     Sean Feeley

9.     John Foran

10.  Kelly Goeman

11.  Bryan Graff

12.  Krieg Greco

13.  Michael Gurley

14.  Bahari Halls

15.  Khenji Harris

16.  DeRhan Horton

17.  Selim Ikizler

18.  Zachary LaMantia

19.  Glenn Levin

20.  Karl Lucas

21.  Shanahan Martinez

22.  Reginald McCollum

23.  Marion McQueen

24.  Carlton Middleton

25.  Duane Milton

26.  Curtis Minter

27.  Charles Montgomery

28.  Draper Palmer

29.  Taylor Robbins

30.  Craig Rogers

31.  Tim Rush

32.  Benjamin Smith

33.  Argent Steele

34.  Aloysius Winters

2021 Championship Game Crews:

Congratulations to all the members of the 2021 championship crews!

6-7A Dale Hall, Brian Higgins, Mike Collver, James Manley

1-5A Trey Towery, Gordon Corsetti, Matthew Costello, Rob Tuttle