2023 USA Lacrosse Rules Tests

The 2023 Boys High School and Youth USA Lacrosse Certification tests are live. GLOA officials who are also USA Lacrosse members must take these for their 2023 USA Lacrosse Officials Certification.

Adult GLOA members are not required to be USA Lacrosse members, but please note that officials are only covered by supplemental insurance when working GHSA games.

Youth officials or adults who only work youth games are required to current USA Lacrosse members.

To learn more about the process of becoming a certified USA Lacrosse official check out this page.

Go to learning.uslacrosse.org and click the 2023 Rule Exams graphic or type 2023 Exam into the search bar.

USA Lacrosse Officials Annual Certification Requirements 

New Officials

  • Active USA Lacrosse Membership
  • New Officials Training
  • *2023 Professional Development Course
  • Earn On-Field Rating/Evaluation Level

Returning Officials

  • Active USA Lacrosse Membership
  • *2023 Professional Development Course
  • Hold a Current On-Field Rating/Evaluation Level

It is recommended that you complete the new Professional Development course(s) before starting the exams.

These courses consist of short units/modules reviewing the 2023 rule changes and points of emphasis and will be found at learning.uslacrosse.org.

Remember, officials who complete all their certification requirements initially or for the year if returning, are eligible for increased insurance benefits through the USA Lacrosse member insurance program. Review your benefits here.

Please direct questions regarding the exam or certification to [email protected] or contact Greg Hite at [email protected].