Required Pregame Communication for 2021

Due to the ever-changing nature of the current Covid-19 situation in Georgia, the GLOA board has decided to revise the pregame communication requirements for all games.

Officials need to be aware that it is HIGHLY likely that games will be rescheduled or canceled at the last minute due to exposure or positive tests of players and coaches, school and district closures, or local and state restrictions.

We need to be proactive in communicating with coaches, crew and assignors in order to mitigate some of the chaos this season is likely to bring with it.

New Pregame Communication Protocol

The GLOA Board is now REQUIRING that the Referee assigned to the game EMAIL:

    • BOTH the home team and the visiting team head coaches*
    • at least 48 hours in advance
    • confirm the time and location of the game
    • copy the crew on the email
    • use an email address you will check daily!
    • The R may decide to send a follow up email with game day details (e.g. where to meet, what to wear) or may include these in the initial email to the coach.

Do not text or call; use email so that we have a record of the communication.

*Tip: To view both teams’ coaches’ contact information, click the “Notes” icon in the Schedule view.

Once the crew has received this email, they MUST respond IMMEDIATELY to confirm their receipt of the message.

It is essential that we communicate promptly and effectively!

Updating Assignors

DO NOT assume the home team coach will update the game in Arbiter or reach out the assignors about the change.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the Referee to make sure the crew and the assignors are aware of any changes to the game. If a game is cancelled, the R must make sure the assignors are aware of the change via [email protected]

If you do not make assignors aware it could lead to delay in payments or lose of games fees.

Umpires, Field Judges, and anyone else attached to the game (observers, trainees, CBOs etc…) should reply to the R as soon as possible to confirm the time and location as well as what uniform to wear.

Email Template

Please feel free to use this email template for all your communication.  You can easily create a google template if you use gmail.


I will be the Referee for the game between TEAMS on DATE at TIME pm.

My crew and I plan to arrive at the LOCATION by TIME pm.

The forecast calls for WEATHER.

Please let me know if there are any issues we need to be aware of or any changes to the site or start time.

If the game is cancelled or rescheduled, please reply ALL to this email and copy the GLOA assignors [email protected] ASAP.

We look forward to working with you.



Thank you all for your dedication and professionalism. We hope to make this season run as smoothly and safely as possible.