Attention: Arbiter Data Breach

ArbiterSports recently revealed that an unauthorized party accessed its network. The hackers demanded payment in exchange for deleting the files that were obtained.

ArbiterSports paid the ransom in exchange for the files but believe the hackers may still have been able to access the information.

The file involved included account usernames and passwords, names, addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers.

ArbiterSports has begun to send notification letters via U.S. First-Class mail to affected customers. Arbiter sports is offering one year of Experian’s® IdentityWorks, a credit monitoring service, to those affected.  GLOA recommends that you be on the lookout for these letters and that you change your passwords, and monitor your credit and accounts.

You MUST Reset Your Arbiter Password

If you have not done so since July 14, 2020, please reset your password. For instructions on how to so so please see instructions here.  Please choose a password that is different than you use for other online accounts. If you use the same ArbiterSports username and password for any other online account, we recommend that you change your password there as well.

Please see the sample notification letter below: