Moving to 2″ Stripes in 2020

The Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association Board has made the decision to adopt 2-inch striped shirts, starting in February 2020. The current, 1-inch striped shirt will remain as part of the approved uniform for the 2019 seasons. The change will bring us in line with other GHSA sports, most notably, football, and with collegiate lacrosse officials who recently made the decision to adopt the wider stripe. The Board did not come to this decision lightly — we realize there will be expenses associated with this move. However, our primary concern is that the 1″ striped shirts, already becoming more difficult to source, and eventually will be phased out by many suppliers.

We realize that for many of our members this is expensive proposition.  An ad hoc committee has been formed to investigate and negotiate with suppliers who can that may be able provide these 2-inch striped shirts at the lowest possible cost to our members and make the transition as seamless as possible. Officials are encouraged to hold off on purchasing the new 2-inch striped shirts until we make the switch in 2020.

NOTE: Those officials who wish to buy new 1″ striped shirts will likely find excellent deals on them. However, please be aware that at the end of the 2019 Spring season, these shirts will can only be good used for non-GHSA games.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]