New GLOA Board Members, New Roles

The Board has now met twice since the end of of the 2013 season. Landon Hunsucker takes over as President, Damian Kavanagh will remain on the board, and Greg Hite joins the board for his first term.

In order to more effectively coordinate the various activities they are charged with, the board defined the roles that each member oversee and has tasked each  with seeking out others who would be interested in serving on committees in those areas.

  • Landon Hunsucker, President, Strategic Planning
  • Dave Clements, Secretary
  • Pete Fluery, Finance
  • Greg Hite, Communication and Marketing
  • Ryan Rowe, Official Development, Rules Interpreter
  • Patrick Joyce, Assignor
  • Damian Kavanagh, Policy Review
  • Eric Rudolph, Legal

The goals of the 2014 Board are developing a five year strategic plan for the association; refining the training program; implementation of an observation program; and updating the communication plan for the association including a revamped website, email and social media outreach.

Please feel free to contact any Board member with questions, comments, or suggestions at any time.  You may email the entire board at [email protected].