GHSA Playoff Information

ghsalaxlogofiPlayoff assignments for GHSA A-5A and GHSA 6A playoffs (click for brackets) will come out a day or two prior to the contest.

First round games start tomorrow.

Certification Cards

6A finalscardFor those who are interested, I have updated the GLOA Playoff Certification Card, complete with the logos for all teams participating in the 2016 playoffs.

Simply replace the text and logos for your games using the logos at the bottom of the document, edit the text and print on card stock in color, cut out each card and fold in half.

Be sure to rename the file using save as when you create a new set of cards.

If you need standard GLOA certification cards email Greg Hite at [email protected].


Officials may wish to contact the home coach to arrange for a room to change in and conduct an extensive pre-game with their crew, including the Table Coordinator.  The GLOA three-man pre-game is available for download on the resources page: 2016 Three-Man Pre-game (Word)

Table Coordinator

All playoff games will have a Table Coordinator (TC), the finals will have a Chief Bench Official.

The Table Coordinator (TC) role is similar to that of normal table personal, who do not discuss rules or any other factors of the game with any coach, except for how much time is left in a penalty. If there is an issue on the sideline, the TC will inform the Referee who will manage the situation. The TC cannot call any penalties or timeouts, and should not attempt to explain calls to coaches. The TC is required to wear a GLOA polo, look presentable and appropriate (nice shorts are fine, jeans, khakis, etc.) and have a stopwatch/timing device capable of replacing the game clock in the case of extreme clock issues. More information on the role and responsibility of TC can be found in the GLOA Table Coordinator guideline.

TC’s need to wear a GLOA Polo. Please contact Greg Hite ASAP!

Chief Bench Official

All semi-final and championship playoff games will have a Chief Bench Official (CBO).

Per NFHS Rule 2-7, the CBO supervises the table area and personnel as well as both benches, wears the same uniform as the on-field crew, may grant time outs and has limited authority to call penalties. CBO’s should review the rule book as well as the GLOA Chief Bench Official Roles and Responsibilities sheet.