Kennesaw LAREDO 

LAREDOTransThose attending receive top-notch instruction from experienced US Lacrosse LAREDO clinicians in 2-person mechanics as well as fundamental game management strategies. Officials are instructed in a classroom setting on the first day and are evaluated on multiple games for the remainder of the clinic. The goal is to make you a more capable and confident official.

Registrations and applications are picking up steam for LAREDO 2 in Kennesaw, Georgia.

There are only 9 spots left!

Numerous GLOA officials have attended these clinics and are more than willing to speak with you about what you can expect and the association will assist officials with professional development opportunities through the Kevin Moore Fund.

Click the link to register: Kennesaw, GA – 9 spots remain.

“I was looking for a highly critical assessment of my officiating skills and fine, detailed instruction on three man positioning and mechanics. This is precisely what I received in both areas. One of the reasons LAREDO clinics can accomplish this is because the instructors are not only experts officiating lacrosse, but they also have the time and take the time to explain WHY such positioning, mechanics, and methods make the most sense and produce the best results.” – LAREDO Official

Other opportunities are also available at locations across the country:

Park City, UT – 10 spots remain
Virginia Beach, VA– 12 spots remain
Louisville, KY – 14 spots remain
Indianapolis, – 7 spots remain (links to application form)

LAREDO 3 clinics require an approved application and assigner recommendation to attend. Click the links below to apply.

Hershey, PA – 3 spots remain
Vail, CO – 8 spots remain
Ann Arbor, MI – 12 spots remain
Columbus, OH – 12 spots remain
Chapel Hill, NC – 5 spots remain
Beverly, MA – 9 spots remain