NFHS Rules Clarifications

nfhsAs we come to the end of the season, officials, coaches and players have submitted questions about the rules.

Here are a few reminders and clarifications on illegal crosses,faceoff crosses, eye black, penalties in running time games, and over and back. As always if you have questions, please email Jeremy Redmon at [email protected].

Illegal Crosse

Shooting strings that are no withing 4″ of the top of the crosse result in a 3 minute NR penalty and the crosse is removed from the game. The ONLY one minute NR penalty for a stick is a deep pocket. Not having a butt end is a “get off and fix” penalty. Rule 5-5).

Tape on Faceoff Crosse

A single-wrap of tape must be applied to the handle of the crosse for any player taking a face-off. The tape is to begin (but not be touching) the plastic at the throat of the crosse and continuing six inches down the handle. Tape must be of contrasting color to the head, gloves, and shaft.. (4-3-3 Art.. 3 n) The NFHS Rules memo clarified that paint MAY NOT be used in place of tape.

Eye Black

Players may not have eye shade that is not a solid stroke or includes words, numbers logos or other symbols within the eye shade is prohibited. This was rule went into effect last season. (Rule 1-10-1h).

Penalties in Running Time Games

Penalties in running time game start with the next whistle resuming play and DO NOT stop unless there is a time out. Penalties are NOT adjusted e.g. penalties in a GHSA game are never time and a half. (Rule

Over & Back

The ball must not only crosse the midline but touch a player, crosse or the ground. The midline is NOT treated as a plane. (See the 2016 Rules Memos). The ONLY two exceptions are if the play is a result of a shot or if the defensive team is the last team to touch the ball. Plays in which the ball does not cross as a result of a shot or being last touched by the defense should be treated as a play on.In the event you have a violation, the Trail should give the signal and take off to be the new Lead.

The Single or new Trail should be rushing to the midline to administer the restart.  Don’t be afraid to kill the play if a player takes off prior to the whistle and bring them back. (4-14-3, Article 3, see also Over and Back).