NILOA Faceoff Mechanics Video

New video on the College faceoff mechanic that has application at the High School level. While we can ignore the discussion about faceoff violations there are a number of good tips we can incorporate.



  • AHS vs Lambert, Feb 28, 2016-129Make sure players know what to expect; have a pregame conference! Never assume the players know what they are doing. Pregame is the only time you get to discuss this with ALL the fogos at once.
  • Be quick about it. It should not take a long time.
  • The Helper NEVER adjusts sticks. They check the neutral zone and make sure sticks are parallel to the midline. Verbally instruct players to move. You don’t want to head butt the Single.
  • The helper can make ANY call. These are judgement calls  You need to determine who is in violation, c.f. clip #2. Make the call!
  • While the college mechanic requests that the Helper be close when the whistle to begin the faceoff is blown, at the high school level allow the game situation (e.g. close game with time running out), ability of faceoff players (is someone grabbing the ball?) and the official’s ability to cover his goal dictate where you line up. Discuss this in your pregame and during dead balls.
  • GLOA Trainers have noticed that often times helpers are not assisting on the faceoff and instead lining up on the wing, THIS IS NOT THE MECHANIC.  The Helper should assist in conducting the faceoff and then back out.