2018 LAREDO Clinic Opportunities

Since the late 1980s, theUS Lacrosse has offered the LAREDO (LAcrosse REferee DevelOpment) Program in order to provided training and professional development opportunities for officials. US Lacrosse hosts these events at regional lacrosse tournaments and camps. Officials work high level games and are observed and receive both instruction and feedback from experienced trainers.

Fall & Winter LAREDO Clinics

A few spots remain for the last clinics of 2016. Fill out the application forms to begin the process of becoming a better official today! LAREDO 2 – Click to Apply Wilmington, N.C. – October 14-16 Milwaukee, Wisc. – October 21-23 Houston, Texas – November 4-6 Las Vegas, Nev. – November 10-12 LAREDO 3 – more »

Message from the President

I hope everyone has had a positive season.  We are quickly approaching the end of season play-off run and the beginning of tournament season. There are still plenty of games to do and we need everyone to stay sharp and keep a level head. Let’s keep our focus and stick to our routine.  Please be sure that you review your more »